1. Pretesting
    • several computerized visual tests will be performed
    • a few general questions regarding your current eyecare needs
    • a check of your current vision with your glasses or contact lenses
    • an automated refraction to determine the basis of your new glasses/contact lens prescription.
  2. Exam
    • a detailed history regarding your overall health
    • a history of your ocular health
    • an evaluation of all the ocular systems ensuring they are working properly
    • an examination of all ocular tissues
    • a check of the pressure in your eye
    • drops are instilled to dilate the eyes – this is an extremely important part of the exam
    • an exam of the inside of the eye once your eyes are dilated
  3. Special Testing
    • a computerized test to determine your field of vision – how well do you see in the periphery?
    • digital photography of the inside of your eye is a possible part of the exam (not necessary in all situations)