Essilor’s Visioffice with Eyecode

The Visioffice® System is Essilor’s all-encompassing measuring system that allows opticians to obtain every possible parameter required for modern lenses – with extreme accuracy. Visioffice® also encompasses a unique measurement called eyecode that allows you to go one step further in terms of lens personalisation by measuring the Eye Rotation Centre (ERC).

This eye data can then be combined with frame and head/eye behaviour data to create truly personalised single vision and Varilux® lenses. Eyecode is unique to Visioffice® and the combination of technologies outperform all other measuring systems on the market.

What does this mean for you?

Along with Visioffice® other key parameter functions’s (mono PD, fitting height, distance from ERC to lens, postural behaviour, etc) – which are required for all premium lenses on the market – we are now able to offer the most advanced, physiologically matched lenses ever made – lenses that are 5 times more optically precise wherever the wearer’s gaze passes through them.

Help Selecting Frames With Images of Yourself

All measurements are taken using full-face images. By analysing all angles and distances in real time, Visioffice® can identify natural head posture and select the most relevant patient images for each individual patient.

Thanks to the Frame selection interface we can take photographs of our patients to help them select their best frame style. Much appreciated by patients who are struggling to choose their frames. Through the use of various interactive presentations we can help you choose the best lens/frame combination for you.